The Morning After the “Huge” Storm

If you’re in the New York area it’s not news to you that yesterday offered up some serioulsy insane weather. I’ve never seen anything like it! Last night the snow danced in the wind in a way I’ve never seen. Dunes of snow formed as snow was blown every direction, leaving some areas totally free of snow and other with snow peaks of nearly four feet high. The images below are from my neighborhood this morning. Let me just say, I’m glad I brought my camera along for the trip.

An article in today’s New York Times sums it up pretty well, here’s my favorite part: “Through the afternoon, the storm grew into an adventure. The snow came down in great sweeping curtains, drifting over parked cars and park benches to be sculpted into aerodynamic shapes. Everywhere, the winds whispered and moaned in their secret Ice Age language. The blizzard spawned lightning flashes and thunder. Yet the sounds of the city were strangely muffled and distant.”