A Mexico Wedding ~ Dreams Resort, Los Cabos, Mexico

If I had it my way, I’d shoot a wedding in Mexico every year, I love it. Mexico is the perfect destination for a wedding. It has my favorite foods, it’s close to home. It’s dry and it’s beautiful. This past year, I was lucky enough to shoot all over a New York State, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Most of the time I felt like a tourist but I’ve gotten to know the North East better and better and I think I’ve it’s safe to say, I’ve fallen in love.  That is until a California wedding comes along. Suddenly I’m home and the, apparently desert landscape, and beachy towns are no longer so easily taken for granted. I see them with new eyes. Maybe they’re just older eyes, or at least better educated ones. Whatever it is, California grows more beautiful with each visit. Which I guess is just one of the many great things about my life, I am constantly in awe. The world is a very beautiful place. From cities to forests. Beauty is everywhere and I’ve been given the gift of witnessing it’s many forms.

…Which brings me to Mexico. I spent several days, (although the photos below are just from one), with the Merrells and Wlasiuks and a whole crew of Laura and Darric’s posse. They welcomed me into their clans and let me be one of them for a few days. I had an amazing time and even managed to get some much needed R&R despite my insane shooting schedule this past year. For once I was able to set the laptop down and sat by a pool instead, but of course with my camera close at hand.

Thank you Laura and Darric for bringing me along and trusting me to do my thing.

mexican destination wedding

All other Vendors:  Dreams Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico

Flowers: Laura’s Aunt Gail gailsoceandesign@gmail.com