Finally Finding my Rhythm

It’s been just about two whole years since I quit my full-time job and went full force with my photography. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. I never would have guessed, but the hardest parts about working for myself didn’t come in the ways I expected. For me it wasn’t hustling for the next gig or client relations (luckily those things came without much strife and/or from plenty of practice). My biggest struggles these last two years have really been more of a personal nature. Simply put— finding a rhythm I can work with.

Learning to work for myself, and by myself, has not been as easy as one would think.  Like I said, in early 2010 I quit my full-time job and started shooting full-time. I’d shot weddings through college but never had enough work to sustain myself and a growing business but finally after taking a leap of faith, there I was facing the major challenges of running a business and managing a tremendous workload. In the midst of this, I struggled to find a new healthy routine for myself. For some this might come easy, but I was thrown for a seriously unexpected loop. For the first time, there was no boss, no teacher, no class to go to, just total self-discipline, my calendar and me. I was calling the shots— when to wake-up, when to work, when to take it easy, when to go to the gym, even when to eat. Any normal schedule I’ve ever known was thrown out the window. At first I liked it, but soon, I started to feel like I was riding an untamed bull. Until now, that’s pretty much how I’ve felt until early 2012. These days, I’m doing a little less bull riding and enjoying what feels more like a ferris wheel. I’m a little scared to look down at times, but I’m going around and around, the rhythm is calm but quick and I can see the horizon. For now the weather looks good and I’m excited to see what the future has in store. Finally, I’ve found my equilibrium and my routine and I’m feeling happier, healthier, and more productive than ever.

Like all self discovery, my journey has been about realizing my options and finally making decisions, some of them long overdue. First, I’m no longer working 100% on my own;  I’ve enlisted help at the office.  Nothing too wild (I’m still answering my own emails), but someone to work on all those little projects that get shelved when there’s just too much editing to do. Second, I’ve decided to shoot more for myself, (thanks to a little pushing and inspiration from Brooke), even if that means just shooting with my iPhone. To ensure this happens, I’ve resurrected my once dormant Instagram account and promised myself to post at least one photo a day. Yay for small goals, right?!

Third, I’ve relocated the studio (for the 3rd time) back to my home office, this time into my new apartment!  It’s a place I can actually stand to work and live in day in and day out, unlike my last place which was the size of a closet, among other undesirable characteristics. I’ve only moved about 10 blocks but it feels like a new universe. I can hear birds chirping, I have sunlight, and best of all, I can have a dog here!  So, of course, I got a dog! Which, by far, has been the single best thing I have ever done for myself! I could go on and on about it but I’ll leave that as a topic you can ask me about in person, or… just wait for the Henri blog post, no doubt, coming soon ;)

All rough edges and small triumphs aside, I couldn’t be more grateful to my wonderful clients, my supportive friends and family, this totally amazing city, and of course, my little pup Henri. Wrap all that up and you can see why I’m one very happy girl lately. I know there will be more obstacles to hurdle in the future, but for now I’m running around this track of life one lap at a time.

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 Below are a few shots from my life this year so far. Want to see more? Just follow me on Instagram @katieosgood