Meet Zoe

I was so excited for this shoot. I rarely shoot babies, or kids, or even families, except my own (nieces, nephews, and family that is). So when Noemi asked if I would shoot little Zoe before she was even born I didn’t hesitate one bit. Noemi and I talked about how we would approach the shoot before hand, and decided that ‘natural’ was what we both wanted. We both were like, “we’re not putting the baby in a bucket or basket!”. Seriously… that’s all well and good for some people, but it’s just not our style and it’s not what we were going for.  I wanted  to capture Noemi as a new mom and Zoe just as she is.  Zoe is just four weeks old and she’s still so tiny,  Noemi still has her baby belly, she’s exhausted, and most of all, she’s utterly in awe and in love with her new daughter. That’s the stuff that’s fleeting and that’s worth photographing. All that— and the way Noemi looks at Zoe, it’s… I can’t even describe it, but it’s beautiful and I think you’ll think so too :)

 Coincidentally, this time last year I was shooting Noemi + Gyorgy’s wedding, in fact Monday the 14th marks their one year anniversary. Congrats to the new parents and here’s to a very exciting second year of marriage!