A Wedding on the Farm ~ Williamstown, MA

It’s weddings like Jen + Topher’s that make me want to pack it up and move to the country. I could live that life, I swear I could.  All I would have to do is give up my corner bodega, all three of my neighborhood coffee shops, and learn how to milk a cow. That’s doable right? Maybe not… at least not yet.  All my high maitenance city needs aside, one of the major perks of my job is getting to escape to the counrty every few weeks to photograph a wedding like Jen + Topher’s.

About a month before their big day, I made the trip up to their farm to meet and shoot them for the first time. I learned all about their farm and to say the least, I fell in love with it.  Jen + Topher are hands down, two of the coolest people ever.  I’m so glad to know them and, in case it’s not evident from the images below, it was a joy and a treat to visit Cricket Creek Farm again to shoot their wedding.

Congrats Jen + Topher!!

Catering: Mezze Catering