A Wedding, A Hurricane, and Becky + Ernie

“On our way home with very mixed emotions and a lot of sadness on my heart, but above all I feel so lucky to be married to the most amazing man and know wholeheartedly that no matter what life throws at us we’ll have each other to power on thru…. Love u Ernie, thank you for the best honeymoon ever and what I know will be an even better future!” – Becky

“Finally heading home to reality… I couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon with my wife who has been and continues to be my rock through this tough time. The outpouring of love and support we have gotten from the greatest bunch of friends and family a guy could ask for. We can’t thank you all enough for offering us shelter and clothes and whatever we might need when we get back. Love you guys and see you soon” – Ernie


The above are Facebook status’ posted by Becky and Ernie who’s wedding is posted below. Several days after Hurricane Sandy hit NYC I saw these posts on my Facebook feed and my heart sank. I instantly remembered that Becky + Ernie’s home was in Broad Channel, a small island in-between the Rockaways and Long Island. They knew they were coming back from their honeymoon in Hawaii to a disaster zone and I’m sure they feared the worst. Their fears were confirmed when they returned home to find everything they owned submerged in five feet of water and what was left of their house unsalvageable.


Becky and Ernie were one of my favorite couples before all this, but in the last month they have been an inspiration.  They were hit harder by Sandy than anyone I know and they have been nothing but positive about their whole situation. When Becky Instagramed a photo of everything she and Ernie owned in a pile outside their home she said “out with the old and in the new.” Really?! I would have probably said something like “wow this is gonna be expensive, I wanna cry.” Not Becky, she’s looking on the bright side. Becky and Ernie are no doubt going through something no one should ever have to go through and it’s only making them stronger as individuals and as a couple.


Last week was Becky and Ernie’s one month anniversary. Tears nearly came to my eyes when I saw what Becky wrote on Facebook, hell, I’ve got a lump in my throat just writing about it:

“It’s only been a month but with all the ups & downs, highs & lows, I know with all my heart that I have the BEST HUSBAND in the UNIVERSE!! Who knew we could get stronger than we already were!!! Happy One Month Boo… I can’t wait for our One Millionth Month!! …Love you! xx – Becky


Originally this post was going to be about how much fun their wedding was, how we ignored the rain and just got wet, and how this awesome couple are the reason I met them. Instead I feel like this is more important to acknowledge—  It’s people like Ernie and Becky who remind me to keep perspective and remind me that keeping a positive attitude isn’t only good for me, it’s good for other people too. It’s contagious. I’m easily caught up complaining about first world problems, but when I see people like Becky and Ernie pushed to the limit, I’m reminded of what really matters— love and family and friends. So this post is for Becky and Ernie, I’m so inspired by the love they have for each other and the way they choose to live their lives. I’m overwhelmingly lucky to know them both.


Becky + Ernie— Thank you for trusting me, for going in the water, for playing in the rain, and for letting me quote your mushy Facebook posts.  I know you will make it through this as you’ll make it through whatever else life throws at you and you’ll be better people and a better couple for it. Oh and you know how to throw a sweet party! Congrats you guys! <3


Friends of Becky + Ernie have setup a fund for them if you’d like to help go here.

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Venue ~ The Crescent Beach Club