Brooklyn Portraits ~ Abby + Ross

I love mornings. I hate getting up for them, but once I’m up and I’ve had about a gallon of coffee I love them. They’re like second chances except you get one every day. The images below are from one such morning, The sun was perfect and the weather was just warm enough so Abby + Ross didn’t have to sport giant parkas, (which, let’s be honest, no one should ever wear for their portrait session). Anyway, I’m sharing these images because looking at them they gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, like I should be drinking apple cider or something. I think it’s Abby’s scarf that does it, or maybe the wintery bare trees in Prospect Park. Either way, that fuzzy feeling is there and it’s a gental reminder that the holidays are around the corner and that I need a red scarf just like Abby’s.