Brooklyn Baby Photographer

For the longest time the only kids I ever photographed were my siblings’ kids. My niece and nephews have basically had a camera shoved in their face since they entered this world. So much so that when I was going to Art Center I made my infant nephew Liam the subject of numerous portrait assignments. One such assignment resulted in a four foot tall portrait of the little guy in the school’s gallery for an entire semester. I guess that means I owe my brother + sister-in-law a big thanks, (or an apology depending on which way you look at it), for allowing me the use of their first born without which, I might have actually had to do some work and cast a real model. To say the least, being the youngest of four has always had it’s perks, (never having to shovel snow or stack firewood,  for example), but having a handful of kiddies to photograph is probably the most notable.  It’s most certainly prepared me to photograph non-blood-related babies and their googly-eyed parents without too much of a learning curve, or at least I think so, but you be the judge.

Case in point— Mike + Julie + Leo. Mike and Julie are absolutely, positively, mushy-gooshy, over-the-top in love with this kid. But then, how could they not be?! Just look at him! Leo is simply too cute for words. I pretty much had a smile on my face the entire time I edited these photos.  It’s just too freakin’ sweet, and yet, it’s just as it should be.