Lifestyle Family Portraits at the Brooklyn Farmacy

Is it wrong that I want a little girl just like Aven so I can dress her up in cute clothes, take photos of her all the time, and take her on ice cream outings? Don’t even talk to me about childcare and staying home on Friday nights, [fingers in ears – la la la la] or… wait— are there even any other sacrifices that go with having a kid this awesome? [Thinking… no?]  Joking aside, Brooke, my good friend and mom behind this little cutie, blows my mind. She’s a badass photographer, (seriously, check out her photo on the cover of PDN this month), and she rocks this mom thing solo-style. To put it simply, she’s an inspiration and I don’t know what I would do without her <3


Thanks to the Brooklyn Farmacy for letting us take some snaps and for the freakin’ amazing milkshakes!