New York City Elopement // Jessica and DJ

Lately it seems I’ve been shooting more and more elopements in New York City  and you won’t catch me complaining about it one bit. My favorite part of shooting an elopement style wedding, is that it’s almost always an adventure, at least that seems to be the case in NYC. What I mean is, typically the couple and I know where we’re starting and we know where we are ending, (i.e. where ever dinner reservations are), but everything in-between is pretty much decided no more than a 5-30 minutes beforehand. True story.

Below is the adventure of one such couple— DJ and Jessica.  When we left their hotel the plan was to walk to Central Park, where in Central Park was TBD. Side note: I love adventure but at times, I’m still a little type-A and research is never hurts so I had made note of some potentially cool spots days before. Not surprisingly however, as with 99% of all location scouts, each spot was vetoed for one reason or another— distance, time, weather, etc. etc.

After walking through the park for no more than 10-15 minutes we decided on a rocky patch overlooking a somewhat calm slice of the park.  Fifth-teen minutes later Jessica and DJ were married. Just like that. All said and done, I’m pretty damn happy with the choice of our little rocky spot. Hopefully DJ and Jessica agree. Hugs and thanks to DJ and Jessica for trusting me to tell their story and for being adventurous. It was truly a much appreciated challenge and an honor. Congrats! <3

Jessica’s awesome flowers were made in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by the floral designers at Sprout Home and the ceremony was officiated by the lovely Bettina Yiannakourou who I adore.