Connecticut Wedding Photographer // Brian and Faith Sailboat Wedding

Three years ago I spent a weekend in Mystic Connecticut with Brian + Faith and a few other friends. It was just the first of many weekends to come–we now get together every summer for, what is now known as, “Walshfest”.  In the past 3 years Walshfest has grown from 6 people to 30 people and we’ve gone from doing our own cooking to hiring a caterer, throwing into a Walshfest fund, and pitching tents on Brian’s brother’s lawn (because we can’t all fit inside anymore).

But on to my point: on that weekend, 3 years ago, Brian and Faith had already been together for several years and it was pretty much assumed among our friends that someday, eventually, they would get married. As it turns out, we were right. It was that first trip in Mystic when Brian and Faith first asked me to shoot their wedding, you know, if they ever got married. To this question I responded, “No way! I want to go to your wedding! I don’t want to shoot it!” I’m not sure it was a sudden realization or one that developed as the years passed but it eventually became clear that, of course, I was going to shoot their wedding and I would also party at it too. Who says multitasking is inefficient?!

Faith and Brian’s wedding was special to me for several reasons. For one, it was on a friggin’ sail boat! Two— because Brian and Faith are my friends and how often does a girl get to photograph her friends?  Three— because it’s the first wedding I’ve been to (be it guest or photographer) where the besties of the bride and groom were all my friends too. Anyone who’s ever been to a wedding with a crew of friends knows it’s pretty much the best thing ever. And four— because that awesome kick-ass band you’re about to see below, those guys were the icing on the cake. All three of those guys are friends and were guests. Wedding guests as your live music?— I don’t know if it gets more special than that, especially when the band is bubbling over with talent.

Brian and Faith’s wedding was so intimate and truly a labor of love. As you’ll see below, there was a ton of singing and music playing. Faith sang to Brian, Brian sang to Faith. Our friend Dan (aka The Spookfish)  wrote a song and performed it. It was unreal and completely beautiful. Faith’s mom did the flowers, we had our lunch at the ever familiar “O.C.” (known to the rest of the world as the Oyster Club), and the reception was at Brian’s brother’s place. It was that kind of wedding. Intimate. Close knit. Familiar.

After lunch we split our separate ways, some for naps (that would be me), others to set up the party at Brian’s brother Nick’s house. It was truly a special night. I was teary eyed when I was there and I got teary-eyed again just editing the photos. I’m so grateful to be a part of a group of people like these guys. This wedding is proof we can dress it up and when it’s time and we can dress it down and then have the cops called on us. I think they call that a perfect balance.

My personal favorite moment was near the end, we were all singing “Hey Jude” and my good friend Rob was sweet enough to take my camera away for two minutes so I could join in. So yeah, if you recognize me in a photo signing down below, it’s me. It was the best.

Congrats Brian and Faith! I love you guys and I’m so honored to be included among your inner circle. I’m even more honored to have your trust in telling your story. Here’s to many more years of love and fun!

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