There are more to come! But for tonight, here’s this one single shot. I kinda love this image, maybe it’s the day I’ve had or maybe it’s the color of the sky or maybe that this couple inspires me. For whatever reason, of all the images I’m going through right now I love this one. It’s so simple and it makes me smile. Congrats to Juliana & Sean, you guys are officially my hottest couple ever …and I mean that quite literally- like 100º hot! 

Last weekend I had the honor of tagging along with Meghan and Blake to shoot and witness their intimate beach wedding in Carmel, Ca. It was the most personal and romantic wedding ever! Not-to-mention absolutely beautiful! I even got to be their one and only witness! Blake and Meghan have been planning this wedding for about two years and it all finally came together! “We’re finally getting married!” Meghan yelled out in the car on the way to the beach. The two of the couldn’t have been more excited.

Meghan did all her own hair and make-up and she even did Blake’s hair, because well, she’s a genius. So cute! Oh yeah- and Meghan’s flowers, they were put picked out by Blake the morning of at Trader Joes of all places!! God I love that place! The picture of the laptop, oh yeah… that’s Blake using a youtube video and instructions to tie his tie! So 2010 right!?

I loved this wedding so much I decided to send it along to Vané over at Brooklyn Bride, one of my favorite wedding blogs. Lucky for me, she loved it as much as I did and posted it this morning. You can see the full blog post here. Congrats Meghan and Blake! I already told you before, but you can’t imagine honored I am to have been there to shoot you and witness you on your wedding. Much love!

Last week I met up with Juliana and Sean to shoot some this is who we are now portraits. Yes, yes, these are engagement portraits, but I like to think of them as something bigger. They are photographs of who couples are at this time in their life. We all know everyone looks all snazzy on the day of their wedding but what did you they really look like? What was their favorite outfit? What shoes did you wear? In 50 years when couples look back at their engagement photos, I want them to remember more than how nice they looked. Juliana for instance had her favorite bag with her so instead of hiding it, I asked her to just wear it in some of the shots. I wear it everyday anyway she said… so there you have it. Memories made!  I’ll be shooting Sean and Juliana’s wedding this coming weekend so look out for a big post of that in the next few weeks!